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¡Alianza! Miami Center for Research Participation and Partnership (MCRP2)

Performance of the highest quality clinical and translational research and training requires state-of-the-art clinical research resources, services and knowledgeable and skilled clinical research professionals. Developing this capability is the primary goal of the ¡Alianza! (MCRP2) program of the Miami CTSI.

¡Alianza! (MCRP2) consists of the Clinical Translational Research Site and a collection of clinical research units across the University of Miami. A major goal of ¡Alianza! (MCRP2) is to harmonize the operations of all of these sites through the establishment of standardardized eduaction, training and operations for clinical research.

¡Alianza! (MCRP2) is also developing a clinical research training curriculum as well as mentoring opportunities for our clinical research support staff. This work is being performed in collaboration with the research offices across the University of Miami.

Network of Clinical Research Professionals

The Network of Clinical Research Professionals is an organization supported by ¡Alianza! (MCRP2) and offers networking opportunities and activities to enhance education, training and career development for research support staff. To find out about future meetings and events, click here.


¡Alianza! (MCRP2) provides support to offset costs incurred by junior investigators with credits for services from the Clinical Translational Research Site. To learn more, click here.

Program Directors

Director: Matthias Salathe, M.D.
Phone: (305) 243-2975

JoNell Potter, Ph.D., R.N.
Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

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