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Does your latest discovery have commercial value? Is your science important to those who stand to benefit from it? Would a potential “customer” of your research welcome your technology, protocol, or intervention?

I-Corps@NCATS Short Course is an evidence-based curriculum that will move you from the lab to connect with potential customers. It is based on the National Science Foundation’s Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) program, the premiere federally-funded innovation and commercialization training program.

What Is I-Corps™?
Innovation Corps (I-Corps™) uses proven customer-discovery methodologies for startups. It was developed for academic researchers by serial entrepreneurs working with the National Science Foundation. It has been used to train hundreds of teams of innovators across the nation.

Nine CTSA hubs, including the University of Miami, have teamed up to develop and launch a translational version of the I-Corps™ program.

Who’s It For?
The I-Corps@NCATS Short Course is designed specifically for teams of faculty, staff, post-doctoral associates, residents, students or entrepreneurs. The program guides you through the early stages of customer discovery where you can test the business model hypotheses for your technology or idea.

I-Corps participants gain new insights into:

  • Patient Work Flow/Care Management
  • Customers / Customer Segments
  • Value Propositions
  • Data quality
  • Roles of industry / partners

New insights can have a dramatic affect on the aims of a current or future project around the technology.

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